Collect any data, from anything, anywhere — with ease

Using SIM technology, we effortlessly transmit data across the web from physical devices or sensors. Choose your sensor or protocol, skip the costly prototyping, and get started with actionable insights from day one.

We put the power of IoT at your fingertips, simplified and cost-effective.
See how it works

How it works

With Iotbee, crafting your custom IoT device is as easy as drag-and-drop. Select the sensors you need from our catalogue, configure your data transmit and collection intervals, and you're ready to go! All this happens online - with the ability to modify configurations even after deployment. Finally, choose your subscription, purchase your device, and you're all set. We bring flexibility and control in IoT, all in one place.

Choose sensors

Pick from hundreds of different types of sensors or protocols from our catalogue. Combine sensors to fit your needs. All sensors will be connected to one box, simplifying your setup.



Configure each sensor. How often shall each sensor collect data, and how often do you need the data forwarded to the datawarehouse.

Choose subscription

Choose your subscription based on your data needs. You can also decide to store your data at Iotbee datawarehouse.

Place your order

Order the number of Iotbee's and sensors you need. Scale your Iot fleet at any time.

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An Iotbee connects to all types of systems, and can collect and send data from anywhere.

Long lifetime

An Iotbee has a 5+ year lifespan on one battery and is sturdy with an IP67 casing.

Multiple integrations

Connect up to 6 sensors at once to one Iotbee device.

Pivot with ease

Change configuration and sensors on any device at any time - and swap sensors like pieces of lego.


Transmit data over NB-IoT. Sim technology allows you to connect almost anywhere.
Gather and control your data from anywhere
Iotbee makes it possible for you to start IoT projects independently, while cutting away all prototyping time and costs.
Fast time to market
Tested and secure
No technical skills required
Dashboard and storage included
No high overhead
Fully customisable

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Oline Stærke
Holger Weise
Cto, hardware
Lau Bjørn Jensen
Cto, software

Aimas Lund
Software Architect
Laurits Bonde
Student web developer



Iotbee receives DTU Start-up of the year award !

Finally, we can share these news ! 🎉 Iotbee has been awarded this years DTU start-up of the year. We are very grateful for this acknowledgement of all our hard work. Thank you to everyone involved and for an amazing celebration last Friday. 💫

< Thank you to HRH for participating and supporting the start-up community at DTU.
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